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Unlocking Team Synergy: Methods to Optimize Interdepartmental Coordination

Poor communication between departments can result in delays, inefficiencies, and a frustrating work environment. Fortunately, there are practical ways to alleviate these issues.

New Year Promotion: Enroll Now and SAVE $80

When your child excels in math and reading, new possibilities and opportunities open up. They begin to develop a LOVE of learning and an enthusiasm to try new things. It’s not too early for your child to start developing these skills --- the best time for them to begin learning is now! New Families enrolling by February 29th SAVE $80 PER CHILD. To get started on your Kumon Journey, book a FREE Parent Orientation today at We would love to have you join us!

New Year Promotion: Enroll Now and SAVE $80

Repair These Weaknesses in Your Small Business for a Stronger Foundation

Here are some tips from the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce on how to root out weaknesses in your small business.

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