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Sonoma Portworks



About Us

The only winery in Sonoma County specializing in ports and after-dinner wines. Sonoma Portworks is an artisan winery located in the historic Foundry Wharf area of downtown Petaluma. Everything we create is unique and delicious. Our style of winemaking allows the grape varietal to exhibit its character. For almost 30 years, our ports have put smiles on faces. Find out for yourself and book a tasting to discover our extensive portfolio of after-dinner wines, artisan spirits, and culinary food products. You've never tasted anything like this!


DECO After-Dinner Wine with essences of natural chocolate
DUET After-Dinner Wine with essences of natural hazelnut
Maduro Tawny Reserve Port
Petite Sirah Port
Petit Verdot Port
California Port
Cask Reserve Port
California Brandy
Sonomic Almost Vinegar

Chamber Events